Earlham Students Declare their Support for BDS Earlham – VIDEO

Earlham College students from different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences declare their support for BDS Earlham. BDS Earlham a campaign to get Earlham to divest from Caterpillar, Motorola, and Hewlett Packard, because they are profiting from Israeli violations of international law and principles of human rights. Read our proposed divestment resolution and show your support!

Have you seen the video?  We need your support to make divestment happen. Please show you support!


3 thoughts on “Earlham Students Declare their Support for BDS Earlham – VIDEO

  1. I discovered your YouTube video via Twitter ( @occpal ). I am so impressed with the courage of BSD Earlham members. Be proud of yourselves! And keep up the fight. The zionist lobby is fierce and you wil be attacked, probably already have been. But those who attack you are losing the fight.. And we are winning! You are on the right side of history. In solidarity from Canada!

  2. Awesome guys! Love the video. We are trying to form a similar student group here at McDaniel in Maryland. I hope your efforts succeed. Solidarity.

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