Endorsements from Earlham Alumni

Are you an Earlham alumni who would like to add your name to this list?  Show your support.

As of Friday, April 15th at 10 am, the following alumni have endorsed the proposed divestment resolution:

Abigail Maycock Class of 2009
Alexa Gabriel Class of 2009 Youth Development
Allison E. Budschalow Class of 2001
Andres Guzman Garza Class of 2010 Consular Employee
Annabelle Johnson Class of 1998 Business Development Manager
Anna Lisa Gross Class of 2005 Chaplain
Anna Lockhart Class of 2009 Barista
Arin Ahlum Hanson Class of 2003 Public Health Educator
Bobby Smith Class of 2005
Brooke Belanger Class of 2007 Veterinary Technician, Austin Humane Society
Cheryl Mitchell-Olds Class of 1979 Registered Nurse
Cyntia Leibman Class of 1996 Architect
Daniel C. Hurowitz Class of 2009 Farmer
Daniel Coppock Class of 2008 Electrician
Deena Ismail Class of 2009
Deirdre Russo Class of 1992 Public Health Policy
Elaine Meyer-Lee Class of 1987 Academic Administrator
Elizabeth Bishop Class of 1986 Academic
Erika Phelps Class of 2010 Medical Student
Greg Elliott Class of 2006 Community Organizer
Name Hidden for Privacy * Class of 2007 Teacher
Hannah Mayer Class of 2009 Americorps
Jacob Jonas-Closs Class of 2009 Teacher
Jamie Utt Class of 2008 Educational Diversity Consultant
Jane Broadbent Class of 2003 Artist
Jane Megginson Class of 1989 Baltimore Yearly Meeting Camp Program Secretary
Jane Telfair Stowe Class of 1963 Retired Teacher/Writer
Janine Schwab Class of 1994 Program Analyst, American Friends Service Committee
Jennie Schmidt Class of 1987 Professor
Jeremy Barker Plotkin Class of 1993 Farmer
Jesse Kapenga Class of 2004 Graduate Student
Jessica Castleberry Class of 2005
Joanna “Gypsy” Swanger Class of 1990 Earlham Professor
Name Hidden for Privacy * Retired Professor and Dean at Earlham
Johanna Riordan Class of 2004 Librarian
John Wagner Class of 1977 Pastor
Jonathan Barnes Class of 2002
Jonathan Donald Jenner Class of 2010 Research Fellow
Name Hidden for Privacy * Class of 2005
Jullian Winsor Class of 2006 Clinic Coordinator – Healthcare for the Homeless
Kaitlin Martin Class of 2007
Kymberlie Quong Charles Class of 2002 Social Work/ Public and Community Organizer
Liana Allabadi Class of 2005 Doctor of Optometry
Maia Rodriguez Class of 2009 Human Rights Activist/Children Recreation
Margaret Obermayer Class of 2010 Graduate Student
Michelle Crane Class of 2009 Medical Student
Mike Merryman-Lotze Class of 1999 Social Justice/Peace Non-Profit
Name Hidden for Privacy * Massage Therapist
Robert Carter Class of 2006 Programmer
Sadie Forsythe Class of 2005 Youth Minister
Sarah Hartzell Class of 2003 Social Worker, Doula
Sara Mitchell-olds Class of 2011 Nursing Student
Seth Barch Class of 2005 Artist, Retail Manager
Shana Rubenstein Class of 2008 Youth Worker/Non-Profit Manager
Shasha Benderly-Kraft Class of 2010
Shurouq Qawariq Class of 2009
Steve Tamari Class of 1981 Professor
Wendy Hartley Class of 1963 Retired Sociologist/Community Activist
Wesley Martin Class of 2010

* Some alumni have, for privacy reasons, opted not to have their names listed online.  They will be listed in the document of support that will be given to the Earlham administration.


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