Endorsements from Earlham Faculty/Staff

Are you an Earlham faculty or staff who would like to add your name to this list?  Show your support.

As of Wednesday, April 20th at 12:o0 pm, the following faculty and staff have endorsed the proposed divestment resolution:

Chuck Yates Faculty Professor of History and Asian Studies
Ferit Guven Faculty Associate Professor of Philosphy
Jennifer Seely Faculty Assistant Professor of Politics
Joanna Swanger Faculty Associate Professor and Director of Peace and Global Studies
Name Hidden for Privacy * Faculty Assistant Professor of Art
Riley Merline Faculty Resident Director of Border Studies Program, IPO
Sejal Sutaria Faculty Assistant Professor of English
Welling Hall Faculty Plowshares Professor of Peace Studies
Name Hidden for Privacy * Staff Administrative Assistant
Jeff McWhorter Staff Border Studies Program Assistant, IPO
Katie Sharar Staff Border Studies Program, IPO
Kris Ashenfelter Staff Administrative Assistant
Toivo Asheeke Staff Program Assistant at the Ronald E. McNair Office

* Some faculty/staff have, for privacy reasons, opted not to have their names listed online.  They will be listed in the document of support that will be given to the Earlham administration.


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