Endorsement Statements from Earlham Students

Over 100 Earlham students have endorsed BDS Earlham’s Resolution.  Click here for a full list.

Here are some  comments made by Earlham students who have endorsed:

“I decided to attend Earlham College because I believed this community genuinely cared about creating a just world and actively opposed instances of injustice and violations against humanity. I believed that the strength of these movements would be so strong at this institution that I would have no choice but to be aware of the world around me and to be an active participant in making it a better place. Instead I have found Earlham to be a community that is generally all talk and no action. Most students are apathetic to the realities of the world (including myself most of the time) and those who do care often are speaking to the wind when they try to arouse outrage in the student body. I am very impressed by the movement BDS Earlham. You are a group of students that are very dedicated to the issue. You all have committed a large amount of time to publicizing the injustice and have successfully raised awareness among the student body. I hope your venture is successful and that you will inspire more students to be active in their pursuit of creating a more just world.”- Hillary Smith, Class of 2012

“I believe that the only way we can hope for peace is to eliminate injustice and create a basis from which a lasting solution can be made. Until the illegal occupation, the colonization of Palestine by Israel ends, Earlham cannot, morally, remain invested in Motorola, Caterpillar, or Hewlett Packard, which profit from this system of apartheid.” – Cole Carvour, Class of 2014

“As an Earlham College student, as a Peace & Global Studies major, as a citizen of the United States, as a consumer, as a community advocate, as a global citizen in solidarity with Palestine, as an individual with values, moral and standards, as a woman who has been living in the Middle East for the past four months, as a person with both Jewish and Muslim, Palestinian and Israeli friends, as an alumnus of the United World College, as a person striving to achieve a greater presence of peace and justice in this world, I fully support the Earlham BDS effort. This incongruency between principles and practices has existed for far too long, and I cannot, in good conscience, support its continuation.” – Arielle P. Hawney, Class of 2013

“BDS is very necessary. I do not want my tuition money going to companies that profit from human rights abuses and occupation. I do not want the community I am part of to practice the opposite of our principles.” – Molly McIntosh-Case, Class of 2013

“If we are truly committed to being a campus that A) “Engaging with a changing world” and B) proactive with issues surrounding peace in the wider world, then we need to take a serious look at the way that our investments act in ways that may be contrary to those goals.” Tory Smith, Class of 2012

“Please divest! For Us! For those Palestinians who are a part of the Earlham community! For those Israelis who are opposed to the occupation! For a true commitment to peace and justice! Please divest.” – Karina F. Rodriguez, Class of 2013

“I declare that I support for BDS Earlham. Divesting in these three companies that get profit from human rights abuses should not be allowed from an educational institution such as Earlham.”- Marcela Pardo, Class of 2013

“Earlham, put your money where your mouth is, please.” – Martin Krastev, Class of 2013

“Earlham missed the boat on South Africa..now is the time to showcase our commitment to ending the perpetuation of colonialism in our present day.” – Michael Gottlieb, Class of 2013

“I support BDS Earlham, because I believe in non-violent resistance to the occupation. It’s time to stop just talking and start doing.” – Kamil Hamid, Class of 2012


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