See the video of Earlham student endorsements.  Read statements of endorsements from Earlham Students, internationally-known author, theorist, and activist Noam Chomsky and author Rich Forer.

Since being released on April 14th 2011, the following individuals have endorsed BDS Earlham:

Over 140 Students at Earlham College

Faculty/Staff at Earlham College

Alumni of Earlham College

Family of Student/Faculty/Staff at Earlham College

Friends of Earlham College including Noam Chomsky , Norman Finkelstein, Jewish Voice for Peace, Anna Baltzer, Mazin Qumsiyeh, Rich Forer , and more

Please check back to this page soon for …

…. more statements from public figures who have endorsed BDS Earlham including Anna Baltzer, Norman Finkelstein, Mazin Qumsiyeh, and more.

… statements from Earlham Faculty who have endorsed BDS Earlham.


9 thoughts on “Endorsements

  1. I fully support Earlham’s divestment from Catapiller and any Israeli corporations that support and aid in the construction of settlements in the Occuplied Territories and that are involved is supply the means to demoish and destroy Palestinian homes and farm land.

  2. Currently, Israel only says a moral incentive to leave the occupied territories. More action, such as BDS is needed.

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