Earlham College students from different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences declare their support for BDS Earlham. BDS Earlham a campaign to get Earlham to divest from Caterpillar, Motorola, and Hewlett Packard, because they are profiting from Israeli violations of international law and principles of human rights. Read our proposed divestment resolution and show your support!


10 thoughts on “Video

  1. A bit boring as far as videos go, but as an Earlham alum, I am proud of these typically diverse students for actually speaking out for BDS of those companies through their Earlham tuition. Take a stand! I support you. Thanks for speaking out!

  2. This was well done and inspiring. I attended Earlham from 19750-79. I have deep family roots to Earlham and the surrounding community. I am proud of this effort by Earlham students to support BDS Earlham. I hope you are successful. I will be sharing this with other Earlhamites.

  3. Without Caterpillar this campus wouldn’t have been built, without Hewlett Packard you probably couldn’t put this video up and most people probably couldn’t view it, and without Motorola you couldn’t contact your loved ones. These companies aren’t the source of the problems you talk about. Not everyone can be satisfied by the way our tuition is dispersed and invested, I know I am not. Decisions are made for the better, and we have to deal with them and move on with our lives.

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